Cyber Security Competency Group

Enhancing Our Cyber Community

Our Mission

The mission of the Cyber Security Competency Group is to foster learning between Cyber Executives, Architects, Engineers and Analysts.  Our Cyber strength is generated by our member community representing more than 375 companies.  There are no costs to join our group.  All we ask is that members remain actively involved by attending at least one event per year.

Learning and Development

The CSCG hosts quarterly virtual forums headlined by recognized cyber industry thought leaders to address top-of-mind cyber security challenges and answer questions from our members.

Industry Networking

Regional events are held to help our members connect with one another and have some fun! These events sometimes have a special host and include breakfasts, luncheons, happy hours and dinners.


"I was surprised how quickly the time went. The more popular this call gets, the more questions you'll have and the more time will be needed, but I also see the need to keep it short. Maybe extending it to an hour would help for the next one; if people can't do the whole hour, they'll just leave early anyway. Otherwise, it was a great call."

Mark Nicholls, Masergy
Senior Security Solutions Architect

"Damm Good Call"

Lynn Devore, UNISYS

"Thought the call was very well-handled. Only questions could be submitted, which was just fine. Thought Bob Blakley did a terrific job. If it's only once per quarter, perhaps doing 1 hour or even 90 minutes, depending on the scope of the topics to be covered, might be more appropriate. A+"

Jean-Claude Chauveau, FCME Global
Chief Enterprise Architect and Co-Founder

"Great Call.  Thank you."

John Walker, Juniper Networks
Security Architect, IT Information Security

"I found this call to be interesting and the discussion was at a level which can help in my own organization."

Mark Davey, Celgene
Senior Security Architect

"I believe that the communications prior to the meeting and the actual live stream meeting went very well.  I did experience some sluggishness and slight audio breakup at the beginning, but it was smooth sailing afterwards.  Thank you for pulling this together, as I found this very helpful!!!"

Sam Payne, American Express
Information Security Analyst, Payment Crypto Solutions – HSM Management Team

"No improvements, the call was perfect!"

Chris Newton, Maximus
IT Security Architect

"I felt like there were possible more questions asked than answered... it would be great to receive a list of all questions asked and a high level answer to each post call."

Andy Villers, Altria
Senior Security Architect, CISSP, CRISP

"Today's call was the best hour of my day!"

Joshua Sitta, CenterState Bank
Vice President, Information Security Manager, CISSP

"The Crypto Luncheon was a fantastic presentation and I am thrilled to share the slides with my team. And I am totally geeking out reading Prof. Lindell’s book! I’m very appreciative that he made copies available to us."

Allison Gay, Creative Associates International
Data Protection Officer (DPO)